What Inspires…

Everyone has their own source of inspiration. Something or somewhere that speaks to them, fills them with an almost satisfying euphoria. It brings about the birth of an idea, the hope for what could be or a good jolt to the mind like a swift kick in the pants.


For some, it’s rarely utilised and ideas are washed away. Forgotten.

With others, like in my case, you go back to the source over and over, hungry for more. It is a place that holds gravity, is always faithful and always constant. It is your tailor-made form of awakening, specific to your tastes and what your mind responds to.

What inspires me has been the same since I was a teenager. Rainy days have never failed to be my muse. The darker the sky, the better. I love having the window wide open so I can smell the rain and earth colliding. This, mixed with the sound of rainfall and a pen in hand has gifted me with some of my best work.

Trees are the next thing. Don’t even get me started…

When the sun is out and the clouds are chased away, it is music that fuels my writing. I’ve always been a little dramatic with my thoughts. Even as a kid I would picture scenes to accompany songs. I guess I never grew out of it.

It’s not necessarily the lyrics that inspire me (this happens rarely), it’s the music itself. The words could have absolutely nothing to do with my storyline, but the feel of the song can evoke the best scene in the book.

That being said, my novels come to me in an unusual way. At least I think so. Yes, the music slips a scene in my pocket, but I never know how it fits into the big picture. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s like picking up a puzzle piece and setting it aside for later. My scenes appear to me instantaneously, like visions of the future. I have no idea how it will come about or what events will lead me there, but somehow it all works out. They all join up without my trying, as if my subconscious knew the entire story all along, only allowing me to see it bit by bit.

In order to keep the pen moving and the brain ticking, I’m always in search of new music to suit the mood of my books. In doing that I have come across a lot of bands and artists I now love. The Shazam iphone app has become my best friend.

I listen to music while I write and in between. It’s my fountain for ideas, an ever running tap of creativity.