The Boisterous Princess









The title pretty much sums up my Alina. The boisterous princess. She loves all things girly – jewellery, shoes, tiaras and clothes – and can hold her own in a stick-sword or nerf gun fight. She loves cuddling her puppy and tackling her dad. She fits in well with the boys. She’s loud and never stops talking. She loves books and music, and rearranging her room. She’s not afraid to get her crazy on, or to dance with her whole heart in public. She loves to sing and demands for people to listen as she does. She assures us she will become a rock star, and her ability to belt out some serious notes leaves us no room for doubt. She’s sweet and caring, wild and stubborn. Bossy, artistic, infuriating and hilarious.

Which is why I thought a photo shoot with gemstones and gumleaves would be perfect for her – a beautiful mix of opposites.