Binge Watching Supernatural

The hubby and I have recently been binge watching Supernatural (or Spooky, Spooky – as we call it), and I have to ask myself: Why did we not watch this show sooner? Way back when the show first started I did attempt to watch that first episode, but it was way too scary for me and the TV went off after five minutes, if that. Yes, I am a big baby when it comes to anything scary! But with hubby’s insistence I decided to give Supernatural a go.

I spent the whole first season peering over a pillow and squirming, flinching and squealing my way through every episode. *Awaits the mocking* But through all the dreaded suspense I became hooked! Since then I’ve become very desensitised (Yay, I’m all growed up!) and can watch without batting an eye. But now, oddly, I miss getting the crap scared out of me. That being said, I will NEVER visit an orchard out of fear they might just have a scarecrow who comes to life and kills people… Creepiest. Episode. Of all. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the one with the clowns…sheesh.

Now in the middle of season 8 (and fighting to avert my eyes from any spoilers of the current season 10) I can easily say this is one of my favourite TV shows.

Reasons why Supernatural has made it to my favourites:

– I never expected the show to be funny, but it cracks me up!

– Castiel… This really requires no explanation. But a simple quote should suffice. “If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear? Perhaps she’s done something wrong.”

– Sam and Dean never actually die. It’s like they’re living in Mystic Falls – no one there is ever truly dead. Which just means the fun keeps on going 🙂

– Not a reason, really, but more of a thought: Sam’s car/beast in season 6 is the sexiest car I’ve ever seen… Sorry, Dean.

– The stories, of course! Though I tend to pick up on little clues early on and predict what will happen by the end of the episode, much to hubby’s frustration. (As a writer you find these things easy to notice because you’re used to using the same tactic in your own books!)

– The random episodes where the usual setup has been changed, ie ‘Ghostfacers’, ‘Changing Channels’, has given me one of my favourite Supernatural moments:

– And those Winchester’s… So much bad-assery. So much hotness. So many teary, angsty scenes.


You can’t go wrong with that combination. Basically, if you don’t watch this show you’re an idjit.

Review – The Kiss of Deception

There are many books in my collection that I love. I mean the ones that I want to (and do) read over and over again without ever losing interest in the stories. Even though re-reading means you know what’s going to happen, I still love stumbling across those small moments that make you think, “Oh, I forgot about that!”

I am a habitual re-reader. Especially when it comes to reading a series. When a new book comes out, I have to re-read the previous books. How else will I get the whole flow of the thing, and remember all those important details? And, of course, I re-read just for the enjoyment of travelling those written roads again.

After reading The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson, I am officially adding it to that pile! Since finishing it I haven’t stopped daydreaming about the characters and the scenes that are still playing bright and vivid in my mind. TKOD is the story of Lia, a princess who runs away on the day of her arranged marriage in hopes of a normal life and a chance to fulfil her dream of falling in love. After her escape Lia settles herself in a distant village and soon meets two new strangers, unaware that one is the prince she ticked off and the other an assassin sent to kill her.

The moment I read the blurb for this book I knew I would love it, and that gorgeous cover had me sold. I eagerly awaited its release and it definitely delivered. Even the ‘log wrestling’ scene everyone was talking about on Goodreads had me grinning like a goof. I mean, what’s not to love? Two hunks vying for Lia’s affections; a very cool, jaw-dropping twist; colourful towns and people (hello, vagabond camp! – the bohemian camp of my dreams); and let’s not forget the moment Rafe brings Lia the flower garlands! *SWOON* All of this is set in a backdrop of a fantasy world that very much reminds me of The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson – another series on my favourites list!

After reading TKOD over only two days, it was long enough to cause me major withdrawals. I cannot wait for the next book! I might just need to re-read The Girl of Fire and Thorns (and get a Hector fix) to subdue my cravings. What can I say, I’m an addict!


Evergreen – Book One

After a lot of editing and a lot of convincing from the husband, I have finally posted my novel, Evergreen, up on

I have to admit, it’s been rather flattering to get so many positive responses since doing it! Fast forward to a month later and here I am posting about it on my blog, hoping to get more readers. (I’m getting used to this naked-in-the-middle-of-a-crowd feeling. Might as well plunge in a little further. Besides, it turns out it’s not so bad!) As I’m about to begin querying, the more feedback I get on Evergreen, the better.

So come one and all! Have a read, tell me what you think 🙂

When Rain falls for the arcane boy who collects dead animals, his powers don’t just bind them together in love, they’re draining the life from her.

If you wish to, you can join the site to leave me a comment and rating. And if you are a fellow writer, it’s a great tool to use yourself.

BTW, how awesome-sauce is my book cover? Eh?? EH???

Synops-ease. A Writers’ Salvation…

As you can see by my earlier post, I despise synopses. But I cannot tell you how utterly relieved I am that I found a solution for this migraine-inducing endeavour. It’s so simple, I can’t believe I never thought of it myself. Just the other day I came across this amazing piece of salvation on Twitter and I tried it out.

Oh. My. Lord. I managed to write my first draft in the space of an hour and a half (toddler interruptions included), keep my sanity and *gasp* I actually enjoyed it.

How is this possible? you ask…

Allow me to enlighten you. Wait, let me rephrase… Allow me to blow your mind.

Write the synopsis before the book.

Yes, people. That’s all it takes. And this is coming from a woman who is quite the pantser. I always know where the story is going to head but I never plan the ending. I prefer to see what happens when I get there, letting my characters do all the work for me. So even with that in mind, it’s possible. With the majority of it done, I’ll simply ‘complete’ my synopsis when I’ve written my ending, when I know what actually happens.

When we write out our 100, 000 words beautifully, we tend to love every little piece of it. When it comes to writing the synopsis we can’t help but want to take those pieces and include them. We think it’s something that needs to be added, when it’s really not. That’s where the frustration comes from – the inability to let go.

When writing the synopsis beforehand, we know the basic events, the bare balls of the story. We don’t get hung up on every little detail because we don’t know them yet. It makes it so easy!

I can see you relaxing already. You’re welcome…

Here We Go Again…

I’ve done it again! I’ve completed my second novel after an extremely dragged-out year. I found it frustrating that it took me so long, but in the past twelve months I’ve had a few monumental things come along that drew me away from my writing. Ah, such is life. Sometimes you can’t help these circumstances.

I’ve had my brother, his wife and kids move back here after living in Europe for almost ten years. Naturally I spent a lot of time with them to make up for lost years. Also, my Mum was diagnosed with cancer, which meant numerous trips to the hospital and helping her and Dad out around the house. Prior to that, they were always the ones to entertain my kid while I spent hour after hour writing on their couch. It was a long while before I could do that again. Then we moved house. Packing, unpacking – need I say more? Clearly, all these things amount to a truckload of time I’ve missed. But I got there in the end! Perseverance, my friend. Perseverance!

So now that my brother and co. have settled back in, my Mum is doing really well and the house is reasonably unpacked, ‘Genius Book Three’ is under way!

It’s a Love – Hate Thing…

It’s been a while since my last blog and so here I am trying to make up for lost time. I’ve been so busy, concentrating all my energy on editing my sequel that I haven’t even been able to think of my blog! But that’s a good thing. At least today I think it’s a good thing.

Something I’ve found with writing is that you go through phases of both loving and hating your work. Sometimes I feel like I’m up and down more often than a stripper’s knickers. One minute I’ll be relishing my writing and the next day I’ll crash. I’ll look at it a certain way and think it’s the worst piece of crap, that it’s lame and a complete waste of my time.

I get into such a funk on that day. You can’t help but feel so depressed that something you put so much effort into isn’t as good as you want it to be. On those days my husband tells me “You know you’re going to love it again. Don’t stress.” And it’s true. The next day I’ll read over some of it and think “Nah, this is awesome.” I even get into this weird high where I’m so excited about my story that I sit there thinking about it instead of writing about it.

I think those moments of doubt are important to any writer. It’s a way we can gauge what is actually making a good book and what’s not. Just as we have opinions about the books we read. It’s important because it means we can see what needs improving and in that we constantly better ourselves. So in future, I’m going to try to be thankful I have days that make me want to ditch my manuscript at the wall. It means I can only get better and that I care about my work enough to not give up.

Synopsis Writing – a slow, painful wearing away of the soul…

The other day I received an email from a literary agent requesting a one-page synopsis for my book. Suddenly my heart thumped visibly through my chest and beads of sweat adorned my forehead. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but if I were a cartoon it would totally happen!


A synopsis is basically a summary of a book, beginning to end, going over all the major plot points. Sounds easy? NO!! Because even after you widdle down three hundred pages of story, it has to fit on three pages double spaced.

It took me two weeks to write my three-page synopsis for Evergreen. All the while I felt like I wanted to crawl into a dark corner, eating my hair, screaming, “It’s not worth it!” Although, after all the frustration I managed to pull it off. Yay for me.

But now I have to cut it down even further! Why not just ask me to summarise my whole life story into one paragraph?!

As you can see by my blog, waffling comes easy to me. Dewaffling – not so much. Alas, it must be done. To quote Logan Huntzberger, “One, two, cha cha cha.”

Yet I’m still here, procrastinating with this blog when I should be working on that darn synopsis. I try to tell myself that once it’s done, it’s done… But then I remember I’ve almost finished Evergreen’s sequel, which means doing it all over again. (Insert bloodcurdling scream).

…..Who else is in the mood for Gilmore Girls all of a sudden?