Nightfall: Book Two

There was something wild about him. A hint, an aftertaste that suggested he was somehow untamed. Where Xavier was dark and daunting, Vaughn possessed a gentle fierceness, a hidden element of unpredictability. It fascinated me in the most delicious way. I could practically taste the earthiness, the nature bleeding from him. As if he grew out of the earth and into existence.”


Nightfall is a completed, unpublished young adult, paranormal romance novel by Melissa Armstrong. It is the second in a series of three books.


Praise for the Book

Nightfall is a completely fantastic sequel to an already brilliant story. Supernatural cliches are entirely avoided which is just one of many positives about this book.

Like Rain, I was torn between her love interest and the new rival. Her witty personality and clever dialogue keep her as my favorite character. The cliff hanger at the end left my mouth hanging open. I could go back and read these [books] over and over.
















An excerpt from Nightfall: Book Two…


Like my heart, all was dark and still when I broke into Caleb’s house. Despite the fury I waged against myself, my body remained calm. My hands were as steady as statues, my heart dwelled in a steady beat, and nothing in my core, in my being, gave in to nervousness. I had been watching Caleb and his family through the frost-trimmed windows for hours, waiting for them to go to bed. Waiting for my chance. For the inevitable regret to come and haunt me. Everything had been quiet for a while and so I began searching for a way inside. I tested the windows at the back of the house, trying for the one that would reward me with bitter satisfaction. The third window I checked wasn’t locked and I managed to slide it open.

I need to stop, I told myself. Leave now. Run to Rain’s house.

But the compulsion to go inside was too great. I had to go in there. I had to find Caleb and end him, even though the idea made me ill. I felt that immense pull like a hundred unintelligible whispers guiding me toward him. I could discern their message. They told me he was here. He was vulnerable.

I climbed through the window without making a sound. I was standing in the almost pitch-black living room, carpet muffled under foot, clock ticking as slow as my breath. I took a few steps forward, burning with a sick desire to kill. But the part of my mind that wanted to run the other way still fought back.

I stopped. Think about it, I thought. He’s Ray’s friend. You don’t want to hurt her. You don’t want to lose her. She will never forgive you if you do this. She will hate you forever. Go to her now.

“I want to,” I whispered in the darkness, letting the anxiety tear through me savagely.

An appetite for murder suddenly bubbled under my skin so bad it hurt. I yearned to smell his spilled blood, see its thick blackness mark and stain him as my ode to his demise.

Just do it. Get it over with and this feeling will go away.

I exhaled sharply and closed my eyes, uttering to myself, “The eye wink at the hand; yet let that be, which the eye fears, when it is done, to see.”

I forcefully switched off the real, true Xavier in my mind and let the beast take over.

Moving through the room I could practically smell my way through the dark. Like I could sense everything around me – the couch, the coffee table, the TV and even the door as I passed through it into the hallway. I crept up the stairs silently, nothing more than a sinister shadow that emerges into the night while you sleep – A thing of nightmares.

I came to the first bedroom door and opened it slowly. A little girl, dead asleep, was tucked snugly in her bed. A stuffed bear, strangled in the crook of her elbow was smothered in her tangled hair. My stomach twisted seeing her there, and with realising what I was about to do I paused. The true Xavier was bursting through like he was trying to scramble into my consciousness.

Get out of here! Before it’s too late! I yelled at myself.

For a second, as I closed the door again, I felt determined to leave, to run to Rain as fast as I could. But then I heard a cough, with a familiar tenor, come from a room to my left and that frightening instinct took control again.

I tread the carpet soundlessly and opened that door. There he was splayed across his bed, defenceless and ignorant of my presence. I pictured the movements I wanted him to make and right away his body obeyed. I made him roll out of bed and walk toward me. He was still asleep, his eyes still closed. It made sense. His mind wasn’t aware that he was moving, because I was telling him to do it.

I followed Caleb’s sleep walk down the stairs, recognising and accepting the coming finality in each descending step. Upon entering the kitchen my eyes fell on a knife block on the bench. I mentally ordered Caleb to approach it and he complied unconsciously. His hand reached for a knife and pulled it out. The large chef’s knife glinted sickly green in the glow of the microwave’s display panel.

Caleb began blinking. He was waking up. I knew it would have been the combination of the tiles, cold beneath his feet and the steel handle he gripped that woke him. It didn’t change anything. My pulse stayed in its unforgivable, restful state.

Caleb tried to focus on me through squinted eyes. “Xavier?” he croaked.

“I’m sorry, Caleb,” I whispered.

“What’s going on?” he asked. That instant, I made him flip the knife expertly with his fingers, grasping the handle and holding it blade down.


Nightfall Playlist:

-Sleep Alone by Bat For Lashes

-Moon and Moon by Bat For Lashes

-All You Wanted by Sounds Under Radio

-Sing by Sounds Under Radio

-Running Up That Hill by Placebo

-Howl by Florence + The Machine

-Binding by Florence + The Machine

-Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine

-Drumming by Florence + The Machine

-Paperthin Hymn by Anberlin

-Wonderful Life by Hurts

-Illuminated by Hurts

-Circles by Birds Of Tokyo

-Wild At Heart by Birds Of Tokyo