Here We Go Again…

I’ve done it again! I’ve completed my second novel after an extremely dragged-out year. I found it frustrating that it took me so long, but in the past twelve months I’ve had a few monumental things come along that drew me away from my writing. Ah, such is life. Sometimes you can’t help these circumstances.

I’ve had my brother, his wife and kids move back here after living in Europe for almost ten years. Naturally I spent a lot of time with them to make up for lost years. Also, my Mum was diagnosed with cancer, which meant numerous trips to the hospital and helping her and Dad out around the house. Prior to that, they were always the ones to entertain my kid while I spent hour after hour writing on their couch. It was a long while before I could do that again. Then we moved house. Packing, unpacking – need I say more? Clearly, all these things amount to a truckload of time I’ve missed. But I got there in the end! Perseverance, my friend. Perseverance!

So now that my brother and co. have settled back in, my Mum is doing really well and the house is reasonably unpacked, ‘Genius Book Three’ is under way!