Burgers and Beers Party


Last weekend we threw Ryan a laid back ‘Burgers and Beers’ party for his 30th. If I was going to get away with doing a theme for him, it had to be blokey enough. So I set up a DIY burger buffet that turned out to be a hit. Guests had a choice of traditional burger buns, ciabatta or sourdough rolls, along with Mexican beef patty’s, Italian chicken patty’s, and for the less adventurous: plain old beef. To customise their burgers I had a wide range of toppings and sauces to choose from. And because man does not live by burgers alone, I served up a large basket of chips purchased from the local Fish and Chips shop, as well as a couple of salads.







Beers were a given, but, to cater for the designated drivers and the underaged, we also had non-alcoholic refreshments. Don’t you just love the apple slices in the water? It makes for a nice change from lemon…



To continue with the DIY theme, I set up a S’mores bar for dessert. (No guests of mine are ever going to walk away without a sugar coma – no siree bob). With four types of biscuits and chocolate flavours to choose from, there were so many possible combinations. Especially when you add the choice of peanut butter, Nutella, caramel or lemon curd! (My favourite combination: Marie biscuits, white chocolate, white marshmallow and lemon curd. I called it, ahem, *sultry voice* The Lemon Meringue). I also made sure to place a framed list of suggestions on the table in case the guests were too tipsy to figure it out on their own. Because, you know, it happens…

Making the fire pit was a lot of fun. I had my dad knock together a long, wooden box that I filled with tins of chafing fuel and river pebbles. It worked so well, looked really cool, and the fuel lasted for a couple of hours.



PicMonkey Collage

As sunset gave way to stars, the evening rounded off with a donut tower and late night laughter beneath strings of white fairy lights. Perfection!