Binge Watching Supernatural

The hubby and I have recently been binge watching Supernatural (or Spooky, Spooky – as we call it), and I have to ask myself: Why did we not watch this show sooner? Way back when the show first started I did attempt to watch that first episode, but it was way too scary for me and the TV went off after five minutes, if that. Yes, I am a big baby when it comes to anything scary! But with hubby’s insistence I decided to give Supernatural a go.

I spent the whole first season peering over a pillow and squirming, flinching and squealing my way through every episode. *Awaits the mocking* But through all the dreaded suspense I became hooked! Since then I’ve become very desensitised (Yay, I’m all growed up!) and can watch without batting an eye. But now, oddly, I miss getting the crap scared out of me. That being said, I will NEVER visit an orchard out of fear they might just have a scarecrow who comes to life and kills people… Creepiest. Episode. Of all. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the one with the clowns…sheesh.

Now in the middle of season 8 (and fighting to avert my eyes from any spoilers of the current season 10) I can easily say this is one of my favourite TV shows.

Reasons why Supernatural has made it to my favourites:

– I never expected the show to be funny, but it cracks me up!

– Castiel… This really requires no explanation. But a simple quote should suffice. “If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear? Perhaps she’s done something wrong.”

– Sam and Dean never actually die. It’s like they’re living in Mystic Falls – no one there is ever truly dead. Which just means the fun keeps on going 🙂

– Not a reason, really, but more of a thought: Sam’s car/beast in season 6 is the sexiest car I’ve ever seen… Sorry, Dean.

– The stories, of course! Though I tend to pick up on little clues early on and predict what will happen by the end of the episode, much to hubby’s frustration. (As a writer you find these things easy to notice because you’re used to using the same tactic in your own books!)

– The random episodes where the usual setup has been changed, ie ‘Ghostfacers’, ‘Changing Channels’, has given me one of my favourite Supernatural moments:

– And those Winchester’s… So much bad-assery. So much hotness. So many teary, angsty scenes.


You can’t go wrong with that combination. Basically, if you don’t watch this show you’re an idjit.