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Hi there! I am Melissa Armstrong; part Finnish, part Croatian, and primarily Australian. Thanks to a mixed bag of cultures, I’m also part hilarious. I live in Perth with my husband, daughter and one adorable, cuss-inducing Rottweiler. When I’m not spending my days reading and writing YA books, you’ll find me starting grand, creative projects on a whim, and mentally renovating houses that aren’t mine.

I am a perfectionist and a dreamer. Beautiful presentation in parties and interior decorating tickles me. I love baking, and even more so – eating what I’ve baked. I enjoy deeply inhaling the aisles of IKEA, watching ‘behind the scenes’ of anything, and imitating my mum’s accent. I believe that I should have been born in the 1800’s, that sometimes ‘corny’ can be delightful, and that magpies are from the devil.

…I’m not weird, I promise…kinda.


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