Updating Your Bedding

My five tips for updating your bedding

It was high time I had a change of bedding. Not just because ours had passed it’s Visual Use By Date (ick!), but because a change in decor leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. What’s that old saying? – A change is as good as a holiday. Well, I never get to go on holidays, so change I must! I didn’t have the money to splurge on some top quality bedding like I usually do, so for the sake of my sanity I decided to settle for a trip to IKEA just to freshen up my room. The splurging can wait!


The “Before”

If you follow me on Pinterest you would have seen from my many pins that I’m absolutely in love with dark blue lately. I’m talking deep, dark, all-enveloping blue. Something about it reminds me of winter (my favourite season) and curling up with a book and a blanket. So it made sense that the dark blue bedding called to me like a beacon across the great expanse that is IKEA. I all but ran to them with my arms wide open. (Though I may or may not have done this before) *Shifty eyes*

Lucky for me, my mum was in need of some new bedding too. Because of this I was able to con her into purchasing a set of my choosing just so we could swap a couple of the pillow cases. I am not a fan of a matching set. I’d much rather put together a few different pieces that complement each other – and this is my rule in all things ‘decor’. So here is how my bed came together:



I love the look of wrinkled bedding. I think it makes it look cosy and ‘lived in’, don’t you?


As you can see, I kept my black european pillows and grey cushion from the ‘before’ photo. I added my new doona cover and plaid pillow cases (thank you, mum), and finished it off with a smaller, brown cushion I pilfered from my daughter’s room, and the throw blanket I took from our living room. One thing I love about decorating your home is moving pieces from one room to another to get a new look, without having to cough up some dough!

Just for fun, here are some pics of my daughter’s bed. (I’m so jealous of all that girliness! )





If you’re in need of an update, here are my tips for a bed makeover:

Mix it up! – Don’t just throw on a matching set and walk away. Use different patterns, shades or colours on your pillow cases to your doona/duvet cover. To save money, work with what you’ve got. Keep the scatter cushions that went with your last set and work with it. Purchase a new cover that complements them. Or if you want to buy some new cushions or throws, move the old into the living room and give your couch or armchair a spruce too. Re-use!!

Use different textures – Add some knitted european pillows alongside some earthy cotton. Or to glam it up, some glitzy sequinned cushions on some otherwise simple bedding. Don’t be confined by the “matchy-matchy” mentality so many people have.

Throw blankets are a must – Give your room that extra level of comfort and homeyness. Literally toss them or drape them on the bed for a relaxed appearance, or fold it neatly to lay across the width of your bed for a tailored look. Placing it at the end of your bed will give the illusion that your bed is longer, bigger.

Use my rule for pillow placement – For a king sized bed: Place three european pillows side by side. Set four standard pillows in front of them and finish it off with three to four decorative cushions. For a queen sized bed: Layer two european pillows with two to four standard ones in front, and complete the look with two or three cushions.

Make your bed everyday – Your room will instantly look so much cleaner and tidier for it. And besides, you’ll have a gorgeous new bed to show off, even if it’s only to yourself!


If you need a little inspiration, head over to decoholic.org for a tonne of ideas. I’ll leave you with a few of my favourites…





What updates have you given your bedroom? Share them with me on Instagram!