Synops-ease. A Writers’ Salvation…

As you can see by my earlier post, I despise synopses. But I cannot tell you how utterly relieved I am that I found a solution for this migraine-inducing endeavour. It’s so simple, I can’t believe I never thought of it myself. Just the other day I came across this amazing piece of salvation on Twitter and I tried it out.

Oh. My. Lord. I managed to write my first draft in the space of an hour and a half (toddler interruptions included), keep my sanity and *gasp* I actually enjoyed it.

How is this possible? you ask…

Allow me to enlighten you. Wait, let me rephrase… Allow me to blow your mind.

Write the synopsis before the book.

Yes, people. That’s all it takes. And this is coming from a woman who is quite the pantser. I always know where the story is going to head but I never plan the ending. I prefer to see what happens when I get there, letting my characters do all the work for me. So even with that in mind, it’s possible. With the majority of it done, I’ll simply ‘complete’ my synopsis when I’ve written my ending, when I know what actually happens.

When we write out our 100, 000 words beautifully, we tend to love every little piece of it. When it comes to writing the synopsis we can’t help but want to take those pieces and include them. We think it’s something that needs to be added, when it’s really not. That’s where the frustration comes from – the inability to let go.

When writing the synopsis beforehand, we know the basic events, the bare balls of the story. We don’t get hung up on every little detail because we don’t know them yet. It makes it so easy!

I can see you relaxing already. You’re welcome…

Here We Go Again…

I’ve done it again! I’ve completed my second novel after an extremely dragged-out year. I found it frustrating that it took me so long, but in the past twelve months I’ve had a few monumental things come along that drew me away from my writing. Ah, such is life. Sometimes you can’t help these circumstances.

I’ve had my brother, his wife and kids move back here after living in Europe for almost ten years. Naturally I spent a lot of time with them to make up for lost years. Also, my Mum was diagnosed with cancer, which meant numerous trips to the hospital and helping her and Dad out around the house. Prior to that, they were always the ones to entertain my kid while I spent hour after hour writing on their couch. It was a long while before I could do that again. Then we moved house. Packing, unpacking – need I say more? Clearly, all these things amount to a truckload of time I’ve missed. But I got there in the end! Perseverance, my friend. Perseverance!

So now that my brother and co. have settled back in, my Mum is doing really well and the house is reasonably unpacked, ‘Genius Book Three’ is under way!